Client 1

India’s leading and Asia’s third largest paint company. Associated with ARK Group from September 2014 to the present day.

  • Their Needs

The client has 2000+ SKUs receiving over 2000 orders every month requiring pick & pack dispatches. The company expects 100% compliance of all laws and complete control over PODs too.

  • Solution Provided

To meet the above listed requirements and company policies, team ARK generated excel based WMS. We uploaded all of the SKU’s on SAP, moving them from Foxpro & operated WMS through SAP. Multiple email & telephone follow ups are done to track all PODs, as demanded. Our dedicated personnel also maintains all legal documents adhering to each and every law. Thus achieving a gross variance of less than INR 1,000. Should an ad hoc demand be made, ARK even provides them with transporters to get their goods where required at the best rates in the market.

Client 2

This client is one of the most trusted wood coating companies. Their modern and innovative approach to the business has earned them a good reputation in the market. They deal in glass and wood finish products which had a demand in India as well. The only issue was that they didn’t have any setup in India since they are Italian.

The client wanted to set up a sample R&D center and warehouse. The R&D center creates their samples of new products, which they then send into the market for testing. Because of the nature of the products, the logistics needed to maintain a strict schedule. They needed to be dispatched on time as they must be delivered on the exact delivery date as per Turnaround time, with the consistency rate of 98% maintained.

This client was the first time ARK India was involved in an import venture. To meet their requirements, we got an IEC (Import Export Certificate) and set up an R&D center meeting their specifications. Everything was tracked with great attention with monitoring of 100% POD (Proof of Delivery) through an arrangement of transporters to pick up from the warehouse. After 12 years of working with this client, we currently maintain 95% dispatch efficiency with POD tracking.

Client 3

This client is a renowned brand in the country famous for its creative approach to decorating your space. Their quality paint brushes, rollers, and other tools allow people to decorate their homes with high customizability.

Due to having high-demand products, their volumes went up, and so did their Purchase Orders. However, the PO service level clarity was next to non-existent. Regular aspects such as dispatches versus orders, dispatches versus pending orders, delivery date, POD, etc. were not maintained well. In addition, there were no reasons given for the lack of dispatches even after the availability of stock. Many unproductive meetings and calls took place, which ended up being a waste of time.

With a severe need to streamline its supply chain and instill some discipline in its practices, this company started its partnership with ARK India about 12 years ago. Team ARK began by studying their business and the entire process to develop a specific list of actions needed to steady the ship.

We started by maintaining multiple excel sheets and made a simple PO tracker that helped determine a bunch of things related to inventory availability, like the level of stock available at the plant, PO versus dispatch, deadstock at the plant, and dispatch planning for the following day. We also installed WMS and SAP to automate warehouse functions which helped cut down unproductive calls and meetings and establish clarity on the supply chain front.

After more than a decade of partnership, we are the only transportation service for this company. With our implementations, we were able to increase productivity and reduce long hours successfully. As a result, we have achieved 100% POD, 100% stock accuracy, and 90% plus on-time dispatches.