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Client 1

Headquartered in New Delhi, this client is one of the most prominent players in the organized tile industry, having the 7 th largest market share. They have four patented technologies to their name and have launched a new generation of tiles. Their ceramic and vitrified tiles are usually in heavy demand, and they continue to grow in terms of customer base.

With such a high volume of shipments, the logistics and transportation requirements are enormous as well. This client tried to run their logistic operation in-house. The lack of expertise in this department made them spend a lot of excessive money while still facing inventory management issues.

Partnering up with a capable and proven 3PL in such a situation is the wisest thing to do. This client started working with ARK India, and we helped them bring more structure and expertise to their logistics and transportation operations. We reduced their operational costs by 50%. We did so by managing their space better, optimizing it for maximum utility. We also helped to eliminate unwanted and slow-moving inventory. We achieved 100% stock accuracy by conducting frequent audits.

Client 2

Invented laminate flooring more than three decades ago. Today the brand is synonymous with beautiful, practical flooring.

  • Their Needs

The company was the first of its kind in India. Their loading, unloading, keeping track of spares, glue as well as sides, etcetera was new for the logistics industry in our country.

  • Solution Provided

We learned the need for each part and developed the codes for them. Stored material in a manner such that we knew exactly what will go with the main material. Thus resolving errors in dispatches or fire fighting for requirement of spares, peripherals, etc.