Client 1

This client is an international chain of Family Amusement Arcade Centers with business in various parts of the world. In arcade gaming, there are a lot of spots where toys are distributed as freebies, sometimes to winners of certain games, or in exchange for tickets compiled over several games. Since the import of these toys was being managed in-house, they had to spend a lot of time on something that they were lacking expertise in.

After partnering up with ARK India, this client gained professional services for inventory management. With our expertise in managing inventories, we can help them secure orders before the stock runs out, just by informing us of what needs to be delivered. This frees them up to spend more time and effort on running their arcades the way they always intended to.

Like most cases, the business lack of supply chain expertise has caused them to spend money and time in an aspect of business which can be better handled by professionals like ARK. This way they can have a partner which optimizes such processes so that they can focus on their core expertise, like in this case, being entertaining and well organized amusement arcades.

A partner like ARK is well equipped to handle all your logistics and supply chain needs so that you can spread your business wide and reach more customers. A resistance- free supply chain is where you start to get better at your business!