Client 1

This British client is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Slough, England. With a global market's demands to fulfill, this company deals in health, hygiene, home products.

Their Bhiwandi location faced some supply chain problems. Their transit time was too much causing late supply concerns. Not just with transit, but lack of professionalism in supply chain management also caused issues with stock handling, transportation, and infrastructure.

A company needs all elements of business to work on time and in tandem, to be profitable and grow. Supply chain management is one of the most important business aspects; hence, professionalism on that front is crucial. In such cases, working with a Third-Party Logistics company is the logical thing to do. After partnering up, ARK India provided timely and faster supply to the stockists. For a business of consumer goods, the warehouses need to be absolutely spick and span. ARK India made sure that the client's warehouses were kept in the best possible condition. They were also provided with perfect stock handling services and on-time transportation.

Client 2

American multinational consumer goods corporation headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, founded in 1837

  • Their Needs

We started off with one of their detergent and soap variants and were quickly handed over all the other products under the brand too. With a monthly loading and unloading of 1500 tons from a warehouse that was located on the 1st floor and with 4 loading points was quite a challenge.

  • Solution Provided

We created a different kind of ladder and manged to do the work efficiently without any ramp or conveyer belt. There were several challenges that occurred due to the warehouse location but we successfully tackled them all. Managing labor & staff to undertake huge daily volumes.

Client 3

Manufacturer and exporter of toilet soap, bath soaps, laundry detergent, laundry soap, detergent powder, cleaning detergents, talcum powder, baby powder, agarbatti, natural incense sticks, premium incense sticks, fragrance sticks etc.

  • Their Needs

This was our 1st client in the year 1981 and had huge sales of Mysore sandal soap. We supplied their products in the entire Maharshtra ex Bhiwandi.

  • Solution Provided

This was routine CFA with huge month end loads. Entire Maharashtra was to be catered. No computers existed back then, so all invoicing and reports were manually done and material used to be booked through transport by bank paid LR's.

Client 4

Operates with leading innovations, brands and technologies in three business areas: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care, while in India it operates in two business areas: Adhesive Technologies and Beauty Care.

  • Their Needs

Modern trade delivery was not happening, which is why they required our expertise.

  • Solution Provided

This depot was opened only for Modern Trade in Mumbai City. Local delivery was superbly managed & the company was extremely happy with us. We even did a lot of repacking for them to deliver to clients like Big Bazaar, D Mart, Reliance, Sahakari Bhandar, etc.