Client 1

Technology leader and one of the largest manufacturers of Automotive and Industrial lead-acid batteries in India.

  • Their Needs

ARK has provided this client with supply chain solutions since their launch in India. Initially, due to lesser volume, the company faced transit time concerns in Northern Maharashtra.

  • Solution Provided

For 18 years, team ARK has provided this client with trained and dedicated staff that pays personal attention to the brand on a daily basis, keeping the room for error at a bare minimum and providing consistently top-notch services. To combat the problems faced in the Northern Maharashtra region, we opened a depot in Aurangabad and ensured not only safe but even lesser transit time. Thus, leading to a more than 50% increase in their sales volume.

Client 2

This client is one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in the country. They are also simultaneously a life insurance company headquartered in Kolkata. Their day to day requirements include maintaining a supply chain with more than 100 dealers that required paperwork of 200 different documents while handling 200+ running SKUs and over 500 SKUs in total. To add to this, they also needed their supply chain partner to collect scrap from dealers and issue credit notes (CN) in return.

With such a high volume operation, many potential complications can arise in the supply chain - but it doesn't take a lot of time to realise how small minor variables can affect the entire operation. This is where ARK came into play.

A professional in logistics and supply chain management like ARK is well equipped to draft out a suitable plan for a business's specific need. The meticulous nature in which we plan out the routes and storage for clients like these makes us a partner worth the time and money. We solved this client's issues generated from high volume by sorting out the storage and routes in the following ways. The main issue in most cases would also be that supply chain is not their area of expertise in the sense that they're experts at producing batteries so when it comes to supply chain they may not be adequately equipped to take on the task and it is important to highlight that too in as many cases as possible so that the message that you should focus on your core proposition and leave supply chain to us comes out loud and clear.

* Daily POD verification with free issues.

* Regular Cycle count of stocks.

* Separating and segregating older non-moving SKUs.

* Strict adherence to planned storage, route plan for dispatches, and scrap collection schedules.

Our great services and bespoke depot management led to us becoming their hub in Western India supplying to 4 to 5 other depots in the region along with our local routes.

This has helped the client maintain a resistance-free supply chain and expand their network using the routes we planned for them.

Client 3

American developer, manufacturer and supplier of products for automotive, commercial, aerospace, marine, rail and off-road vehicles; and industrial, agricultural and power-generation applications.

  • Their Needs

Automotives spare parts that are 100 % pick and pack because all of their material is sold lose - piston, spark plug, battery water, viper, bearings, etc. Need to scan certain SKU's for schemes non SAP (software that integrates from procurement to final sales)

  • Solution Provided

We installed racks, demarked areas for each SKU, packing slips used for pick & pack. Picker checker system used for confirmation of picked stocks. Achieved zero gross variance and today we are their No. 2 depot in India.

Client 4

Indian multinational suspension system Automotive company headquartered in Delhi, India. It is the largest automotive suspension spring manufacturer in India and amongst the top three in the World.

  • Their Needs

Their prime challenge was distribution as it was earlier only located in Delhi. They also wanted to enter the after-sales market as a part of their expansion plans.

  • Solution Provided

We provided them with a team of well-trained, professional staff that created setups to successfully enter the aftermarket sales and services sector. By managing the warehouse using WMS, team ARK managed to achieve faster dispatches to distributors, making their sales grow multiple folds, helping them become a nationwide leading brand.

Client 5

Indian manufacturer of motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

  • Their Needs

Each of the motorcycles weigh 120 kgs, making the loading & unloading a challenge. To make this bad situation worse, the loading was to be done in a factory that was 2 storeys high and unloading from a 14 feet height.

  • Solution Provided

Team ARK made a special movable ramp to unload the vehicles and bring them to ground level. Maintained bike stocks according to their chasi numbers & stored them adequately in our premises.