Consumer Electronics

Client 1

This client is a Direct Home Television service provider operating locally in India. Boasting proud accolades like being ranked #437 and #5 on the list of media companies in the Fortune India 500 roster of India's Largest Corporations in 2011, this company has a vast market and big demands to fulfill.

About 29 years ago, when we first started our relationship with this client, they faced a lot of trouble with dispatches and stock discrepancies. They had a massive shortage in scrap stocks and dealt with wrong supplies, repairs, inventory of spare parts, and working hours too with all CFA services.

With so much to work on, considering a 3rd Party Logistics partner was the right move for the company's because this way they get a partner that they can count on for such crucial matters.

ARK India provided this company with professional and dedicated staff to look after a section-wise bifurcation of work with proper training and set targets. Eventually, with time as professionalism was put to work in these matters, 100% accuracy was achieved in all work parts and zero discrepancy in stocks. As a result, the Pune CFA is now their mother warehouse for Western and Central India.