Hear what some of our prestigious clients have to say about our services.

Jamna auto industries is one of the leading suspension system manufacturers. Namely: parabolic, iron leaf and air suspension systems. Our products are supplied all over India through our own depots or through logistic hubs. West zone, that is Maharashtra, bordering Karnata and part of the South zone, namely Andhra Pradesh and Telangana market is supplied by ARK India.... ARK India has various advantages, such as hubs are at prime locations, their infrastructure is updated with the latest technologies, and the staff is disciplined and well trained. Their order execution and delivery performance is one of the best amongst all the hubs of our company. We thank ARK directors Mr. Kamlesh Shah & Mr. Yomesh Shah for their efficient and satisfactory services towards our company to achieve our performance and goals. Thank you very much.

Dayanand Kothiwale


Khalapur godown handling has been largely good on 3 fronts - first one is reporting, in terms of their daily reports coming in, not only of the stocks being present of the various collaterals in real-time but also along with photographs has been taken care of... Secondly, in terms of the overall efficiency especially with regard to dispatch, that's something where we clearly see a delta. The dispatch times have crashed after moving to this godown (run & managed by ARK India) thanks to the systems and processes here. And the third being, on visiting the godown the overall efficiency (of team ARK) has also manifest in the way that the layout is present at a godown level. So I think the way that the stock is arranged and kept, the cleanliness of the whole godown, the way its kept in a very structured manner, that's something that one does really relate it to collaterals per se when they're stocked typically. So that's another thing which very clearly comes across in the way that the godown is managed.

Gagandeep Kalsi


We are associated with ARK Warehousing for over fifteen years, they manage ten thousand plus square feet logistic facility for us at Mumbai & their services have been highly appreciative, satisfactory, & top class.

Manish Patole


I would like to congratulate & compliment ARK and Mr Rakesh Shah for doing very good work in the marketing warehouse. Would also like to congratulate the commercial team handling the marketing commercial. They have done a fabulous job from the field unit point of view.... The CFA handling the field unit operations, they are very happy & there is a lot of hassle which has gone down now from on-time servicing to sending the material on time, giving regular calls concerning open GR. ARK is doing a very good job in terms of maintaining marketing collaterals the way it should have been maintained & the biggest achievement is maintaining around 1000 odd SKUs in SAP & then tracking end to end from inwarding the material, to storing it properly in FIFO mechanism & dispatching to the unit & ensuring that the unit involves it in a proper & structured manner. It has taken care of the compliance part & it has taken care of servicing part as well. Brilliant development, brilliant work by the marketing warehouse commercial team at ARK warehouses.

Raja Roy


They provide the best in class services to the principal company, with proper business solutions of warehousing, transportation, cold chain management, which helps the company to enhance their distribution and penetration across the geography they are covering in the rural market segment.... In my last 7 years of association with ARK, what I have observed is that ARK is working on the 3 A s that is accountability, adaptability, and aggressiveness which helps businesses to grow in its own way. Once the business is handed over to ARK they take complete accountability and ensures that they fulfill the customers requirements. In terms of adaptability, they always go for innovative ideas, they follow the market changes, the changes in the customers demand, and ensure that the demands are met well in time. In terms of aggressiveness, I have observed them to be very aggressive in terms of reaching the consumer and helping the business to grow. ARK is also providing solutions to business in terms of cost-saving by outsourcing the infrastructure or taking the help of other infrastructures, outsourced services, other warehouse service providers, cold chain providers, and to ensure that the goal of the business is achieved. ARK team is always found to be open-minded, ready to accept new challenges, willing to accept new ideas and go for it, implement without any fear or hesitation. In terms of following the principles and compliances that a business is looking for, I feel ARK has done a tremendous job in that and when I was looking for supply chain solutions for Ruchi Soya industries, I remember seeing ARK winning the best warehouse operations award. During my last assignment with Ruchi Soya industry, I found that they have given me best supply chain solution for handling food chain products and when I switched over to my new organization.

Jayesh Keer


Everest is a leading spice company in India. ARK has played a very important role in fostering our growth. A few years back our logistics & warehouse management was basically taken care of by us only & there was no third party involved in that & as a growth strategy,... we decided that we will outsource this activity to a person who is efficient in this activity. Had experience with ARK Pune, also had deep interaction with Kamlesh Shah & hence we chose ARK for our operations. Also for our Mumbai operations, Mr Rakesh Shah & his team has helped us to get the overall efficiency & cost reduction in our logistic & warehousing. They have played this important role. Customer focus & orientation is excellent by them & we certainly recommend them to be a partner for anybody for logistics & warehousing.

Pravin Chine


I handle the automotive business of Exide Industries and we have batteries ranging from the smallest 2 wheeler batteries to the largest truck batteries. We have a unique network of retailers, unlike other companies where they have distributors to whom the material is supplied by the company and forwarded to other distributors.... Here the material supplied by us directly to the retailers at their shops, from where it is sold to the consumers. Here comes the challenge because the material is manufactured across the country in our various plants and from there it comes to the C&F location from where it is shipped to the dealers. The main challenges faced by the distribution in our business are reversed logistics. After supplying the new batteries we need to take back the old batteries and surrender to the company. Here handling the old batteries is a big challenge because they are normally dirty due to oil and acid spillage and handling it is very difficult. Here comes the role of ARK India. They have been handling this operation well for more than a decade now and there are no complaints. The dealers are very happy and the company is also very satisfied with their operations. I wish them all the best for the future, thank you.

P. Vijay


We have been associated with the ARK group since 2009. We have an excellent relationship with ARK Mumbai as well as Pune. They are one of the very professionally managed group & they have been giving very good service. They have been able to establish cold chain practices for Danone dairy & they have been doing a very decent job.

Shrikant Joshi


The marketing godown actually has progressed a lot in terms of what we have managed to do. The marketing team has grown over the years, even the activities we do at the marketing godown has gone up significantly. Mr. Singhal keeps saying how from a ten-member family to... almost a hundred member team marketing has now grown to. The number of collaterals that we have produced over the last twelve to fifteen years has grown exponentially. Managing that is also a very large challenge. But all credit to everybody in commercial as well as the C&F set up, we have been able to implement. All the SKUs have been put up in SEP that gives us much better track of where things are, this year one of the big changes that has been made is especially with respect to shade cards with respect to other POS. We know what is lying where. Today we are at a very good place. Would encourage the C&F to keep up the service levels & to keep improving the service levels as time goes by & delight us from time to time.

Rohit Malkani