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Will Drones Be the Future of Logistics?

The idea of an unmanned flying object is fascinating. A vehicle that can soar through the skies and be controlled from the ground is no longer restricted to a short-range of toys but is now a professionally made and used piece of equipment. Drones are used by a lot of people for videography and photography. A lot of people also use them recreationally too. But what if we told you these technological marvels are the future of the logistics business.

It sounds as futuristic as one couldn’t even imagine. Our vague idea of what drones and robotics can provide us with through sci-fi movies and media is pretty skewed. In reality, technology is not giving birth to a cool, artificially intelligent life at all! All it is doing is bringing the world even closer together and fast-tracking humanity’s evolution.

When it comes to the real-life application of drones, imagine receiving your pizza in 10 minutes instead of 40, and imagine your Amazon deliveries taking several minutes or hours instead of several days! That is the futuristic convenience that is going to be provided by this marvelous technology. It is already happening in the United States, and it’s only a matter of time before you will have a drone flying to your doorstep, bringing you your deliveries.

There are still a lot of kinks that need to be worked out before this can be an everyday thing. These impediments include airspace regulations, package weight limitations, and the need for certified pilots to fly these drones. Then there is also the need for developed airspace that can house traffic of such drones. Many people fear the world of automation thinking that it would take away jobs. But literally, everyone will benefit from these advancements, including companies, consumers, and most importantly, the economy.

While other sectors are experimenting with drone technology, the logistics and supply chain industry has already started reaping its benefits. Drone services are going to be worth $127 billion, and $13 billion of it will be just for drone-powered transportation. Drones can supplement already existing modes of transportation and logistics. Let’s see how!

Ocean Freight: Ship transportation or maritime logistics are the oldest methods of transporting goods. They are a low-cost solution for low-value goods, but it also narrows down the application and reaches. There are very few drop-off locations you could serve using ships, here’s where drones can come into play. Ocean freight also suffers from a lack of quality when it comes to the inspection and review process, which drones can help with while tracking cargo in real-time.

Rail Freight: Just like ocean freight, railways have the same restrictions of limited dropping points. They also operate in low-cost, low-value goods. One thing that drones can do for rail transportation is dramatically improving efficiency. This can be done by having drones fly alongside railways and deliver goods in specific locations, without the trains having to stop at all!

Truck Freight: Trucks are the most efficient and flexible means of transport because they can reach more locations and more depths. They are, however, limited in terms of speed. Especially in high-density areas as well as new developing areas with poor infrastructure, there is scope for speed improvement. Drones can provide a drastic speed increase for such areas, and they can also help with loading and unloading, decreasing human errors and replacing them with an autonomous process.

Air Freight: Like ships and trains, aeroplanes have the same problems since they have a single drop-off point. Drones can provide point-to-point flexibility, and hopefully, drones will one day be a cheaper and more efficient alternative to freight transportation through aeroplanes. This breakthrough, whenever it happens, will result in cost-saving, speed, and efficiency currently unimaginable.

Drone technology is undoubtedly the future of transportation and logistics. But for your current logistics needs, it is best to partner with an experienced and reliable 3PL such as ARK India. We provide best in class services that will help you scale your business and help reach your customers on time and efficiently!