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The Major Challenges Modern Supply Chain Systems Face

Businesses across the globe rely on the quality management of their supply chains. Supply chain management is the process of transition and movement of goods from raw materials to finished products through different cycles of their life until they're in the end consumer's hands or disposed of safely back at the manufacturer.

Modern-day businesses are driven by technological advancements, E-commerce, and a growing global customer base for all kinds of niches. Once a supply chain is set up, managing it well is sometimes the competitive edge you need. Regardless, the modern business world provides its share of challenges and roadblocks that professional managers will come across. So let's discuss some common challenges and possible solutions for them as well!

1. Customer Service: The market is all about the customer. Customer satisfaction is even harder to achieve these days because there are always multiple options available, and customer loyalty is very fickle. Customers demand high quality, the right quantity, and the best price for products, and they also want it on time and at home often. In such a case, providing them with total satisfaction is very difficult.

However, companies have to keep on trying and improving their service in a way that they can gather the most customer base. For that, constant reviewing and feedbacks from customers play a vital role. What's even more crucial is implementing the customer feedback in a harmless way to the business.

2. Costing: The cost of making a product includes many variables, including raw materials, labour charges, maintenance of manufacturing operations, etc. On top of that, add the supply chain and logistics costing, and you're looking at a lot of costs that need to be managed. This aspect of management is where you can maximize your profits if you play your cards right.

To tighten up the ship, you can make investments like WMS or work with a 3PL partner to take care of your logistics and supply chain management needs. ARK India has years of experience in various sectors and a list of satisfied clients for their supply chain management and logistics services.

3. Openness to Changes: The business world is very dynamic and ever-changing. There are constantly new challenges and old ones coming back with a vengeance like costing, consumer demands, political agendas, etc. In such a world, a business must be able to not only adapt and change but do it at the drop of a hat to gain a competitive advantage.

Constant monitoring of market trends is something that every company must do. Forecasting changes, if done in time, can change the entire landscape of your business. Companies should also be able to take calculated risks.

4. Supplier Relationships: Supply chain management is all about time and quality. When you create lasting and fruitful professional relationships with your suppliers, you can maintain a well-oiled chain at all times. Good relationships are what will ensure that you have a steady flow of material and other supplies for long periods of time. Once you get into a routine, times are shortened, and you also figure out ways of delivering more quality.

5. Qualified Staff: Finding qualified staff that is good at their job and keeping up deadlines while maintaining the quality of work is hard to find. People both interested and talented in this line of work have become hard to find.

There are two ways you could deal with this. If you outsource your supply chain operations to a 3PL like ARK India, they will have a highly personalized and trained staff in these affairs. Alternatively, you could promote and train people in-house.

These challenges and more cause problems and discrepancies in the supply chain. If you are looking to avoid mistakes and take challenges head-on, but lack the professional expertise to do so, get in touch with ARK India. We deal with supply chain and logistics services. With us, you can focus on doing business and leave the efficient logistics to us!