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Automation: The Future of Supply Chain Management Automation: The Future of Supply Chain Management

When we think about robots, our brains could still show us a dystopian future where the machine class enslaves their master class. However, the reality of advanced robotics is far from this very interesting and daunting image. Robotics and automation in the workplace have evolved to make life easier for the business and corporate world. The most benefit of this advancing technology is reaped by the supply chain sector.

Supply chains are the strongly linked networks that accommodate goods' to-and-fro movement from point A to point B. This includes the journey of products from raw material to finished goods and manufacturing to delivery. Every business involved in the exchange of goods for money has a supply chain in place, and often, the growth of a company is directly related to the efficiency of its supply chain.

It’s not just the business that is changing; customers are also advancing at a magnificent rate. The modern consumer expects everything to be top-class, quick, and then they expect competent after-sales care as well. And the fact of the matter is, if you don’t provide them with this treatment, they will find it someplace else. They don’t lose anything, but you lose a customer. Your supply chain management practices need to be updated and in syncopation with the times to keep up with modern demands.

Supply chains need to be adapting larger and more complex methods of conducting and interpreting information. There needs to be strictly managed labour and stringent practices for product transportation. Everything needs to be monitored at every step of the process to ensure no damage or faults to deal with. The future of supply chain management is automation, and it has been stated to take shape already!

By the year 2023, over 30% of functional warehouses will have a robot supplemented workspace. These robots will be there to supplement and not replace manual labour. This will decrease the overall requirement for manual labour and make things super-efficient. Here are some problems that can be solved with the implementation of robotics and automation.

1. Better Customer Service: Customer service is at the heart of a successful business. To have a happy customer, you need shipments delivered on time, and your customers need to stay in the loop about each step of the process. To fulfill deliveries faster, you can eliminate the time it takes for picking and packing by human labour and replace it with automated robots in the warehouse that can identify the ordered items using SKUs, UPC, or RFID.

There are other cost-effective ways to implement the same effect at a warehouse. Like, conveyor belts can be used to carry products around in a warehouse. The automation technology makes it easier to make the process super quick, and in the end, have a happy customer who receives their shipment on time.

2. Supply Chain Protection: We mean by protection, preparation and damage control from unforeseen adversity. We can all make educated guesses about the uncontrollable, but none of us can really predict the future. These events, like a storm breaking out or a fire at the manufacturer’s factory, can hamper your entire business and disrupt the supply chain.

Automated supply chain practices can have pre-disposed responses to such adverse situations. Such a system can place orders from an alternative supplier, inform the customers about the reason for the delay, and so much more. Having an automated system in place is a great way to be prepared for the worst and save a lot of monetary damage.

3. Effective Monitoring and Shipping Practices: Warehousing and shipping are two pillars of an effective and successful supply chain. If robots can take care of the automated warehousing services, the transportation could use some support. The transportation process is often the part of the supply chain where most things can go wrong or cause delays. Aspects such as packing trucks, planning efficient routes, and other hefty tasks related to trucking and transportation can be streamlined through supply chain automation.

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